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Fuel Gases

A number of fuel gases are used for industrial applications, in combination with oxygen or air: e.g. Acetylene and Hydrogen


GENIE® is aimed at small volume gas users seeking a more portable, mobile and user-friendly gas package. GENIE® will transform the way gases are used by providing a product tailored to your needs.

Dry Ice

Dry ice as grains or pellets, with a grain diameter of 10 mm and length 20 mm. Another form is dry ice blocks, with each block wrapped in a protective sheet of paper

Root Protection Gases

Gas for root protection or leak detection, like Formier®


A complete refrigerant program for the refrigeration industry, with solutions suited to varying requirements. The program covers both natural refrigerants, and HFC and HFO

Liquid Gas

Liquid Nitrogen i kryo containers

Rental Agreements

If you use cylinders for a longer time period, it is more cost efficient to pay the rent in advance. AGA offers an advanced rental payment for 1, 3 or 5 years.

Food Gases

BIOGON® is a product series of food grade gases. We supply food grade carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen and mixes for modified Atmosphere. The cylinders are easy to detect since they are all green

Shielding Gases

In our shielding gas program, gases are developed for most welding methods and materials in both our standard and premium program, MISON®

Other Gases

Here you find Balloon helium and technical air

Pure gases

Pure gases used in a variety of applications, like Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and CO2

Laser Gases

Special gases for Laser cutting and welding. Pure gases and mixes